Agathopes beach

Syros Beaches

All beaches in Syros are located at 2 up to a maximum of 15 minutes away from Villa Selena.

General hint: During the summer, most beaches in the island sprout up lilies (pancratium maritinum), which have been growing in the dunes of Syros, Crete and the Aegean islands for thousands of years. It’s also known as the “lily of Knossos” as the “Prince of Knossos” is surrounded by them in the famous ancient mural. It is a protected variety and you can enjoy their beauty, photograph them, sing to them but you cannot cut them.

Asteria Beach

Asteria Beach
Asteria Beach

First on our list is the experience of taking a dive at Asteria, a beach with old piers, which is loved by the residents of Ermoupoli. You can choose between the piers of Ciel, the all day bar with sunbeds, cocktails and food by the water and the piers with the ducks and the shower offered by the municipality, or the small pebbled beach and the soft rocks a little further. You will swim in a crystal-clear sea while looking at the neoclassical mansions and the island with the old lighthouse. Mykonos and Delos shine in the background.

Agathopes Beach

Agathopes beach
Agathopes beach

You can use your own vehicle or the very frequent public transportation to go to Agkathopes, the sandy beach of Posidonia which is full of life and alternative suggestions. The beach can be easily accessed by anyone, and it contains sea ramps for disabled people. There’s a beach volley field and a space to play beach tennis. All day bar ONO beach bar tel.2281045099,is the hot spot of the beach due to its comfortable sunbeds, the wonderful food and cocktails on the sand. @onosyros

Komito Beach

Komito beach

Komito is about a thousand meters away from Agkathopes and the road connecting the two beaches is ideal for walking. It is a beautiful beach, with sunbeds in one part of it and public umbrellas throughout the whole beach. Crystal clear waters and great rocks for exploration. You can play water sports and cool of at the bohemian canteen with great toast and frozen beers. If you are in the mood, you can sneak behind the canteen and explore one of the most beautiful, despite being abandoned, mansions in Syros

Foinikas Beach

At Foinikas beach, the sea is always calm and the sand is always soft. Right above the beach, there is a wide selection of restaurants, taverns and bars. Restaurant Filomila is one of our favorites @filomila_syros  tel.2281062088, as well as the all day bar restaurant Baobab,tel.2281045332 which is located at Foinikas’ marina. @baobab_syros. Here, the party starts at night.

Kini Beach

Kini beach
Kini beach

Kini is an old fishing village with a sunrise view and an amphitheater incline. This beach is one of the most popular ones on the island. Bars and fish taverns, ouzeri and nice restaurants, one of which is the popular and award-winning Allou Yiallou,tel.2281071196 ,@allouyiallou

Megas Gialos Beach

Megas Gyalos Beach Syros
Megas Gyalos Beach

A beautiful and easy beach that is particularly loved by families with children. It’s shallow and safe with no waves, no matter what the weather is like, while the tamarisks provide a shadow. There is easy access to taverns and soft drinks. Sunbeds are available in one side of the beach.

Galissas Beach

Galissas beach
Galissas beach

One of the largest and most beautiful beaches on the island. It’s the beach of Posidonia. One part of the beach is nicely organized with umbrellas and sunbeds and another one is not organized, with tamarisks and a bohemian bar.

At Galissas beach you will be able to find a lot of taverns as well as the award-winning restaurant Iliovasilema tel.2281043325, @iliovasilema_syros

There’s also access through sea ramps for disabled people

Vari Beach

The most frequented beach in Syros, not without a reason, is 10 minutes away from Ermoupoli, there is sand everywhere, it’s a bay shielded from the wind, and it is full of life, cafes and restaurants.

It’s by far the most beautiful accessible beach of Syros. Even though it’s no longer a well-kept secret, it still retains its wild charm. The sand is gold – literally – and the island located 100 strokes away is inviting you to explore it. The right side of the beach is organized and has a tavern while the left side retains its wild beauty and is open to nudists.

Northern beaches

For those who love adventure, the Northern beaches of the island, which are unapproachable via the road, are ideal. They are sandy, quiet and our big secret. They are Varvarousa, Aetos, Lia, Marmari, Gria Spilia and Grammata. If you enjoy hiking, ask us about the trails to those beaches. If you don’t, there’s our favorite boat Perla, which has frequent routes to the northern beaches. You can book your spot at tel. 6947308580.

Of course, there are also our secret spots for swimming, which we only share with those who insist. Ask us.

FAQs for Syros Beaches

Are the beaches in Syros children friendly?

Yes most of them are sandy and calm beaches offering all kinds of shade.

Are there beaches accessible to DISABLED people?

Yes, in the beaches of Agathopes, Galissas, Vari and Voulgari, there are systems for autonomous access to the sea, corridors from and to the parking spaces, wooden dressing room and umbrellas.

Is there public transportation to the beaches of Syros?

Yes, there is a very good transportation that connects the town and most of the beaches.

Is there a taxi service?

Yes you can call a taxi to pick you up from the hotel or from where ever you are. Tel.: 2281088222